Temperature Uniformity of Spectra HE™ Ultra Drying System

During one of HTI’s recent installations of heavy coating on temperature-sensitive films, a temperature uniformity and distribution across the web were measured and documented. The thermal image shows difference in temperatures on the web operator side, the middle of the web, and the drive side, does not exceed 1ºC. All measurements were taken at the exit of the HTI Spectra HE™ Ultra dryer (shown on the right hand side of the image, web is moving from right to left).

HTI delivered three complete drying systems for drying 3D products, such as single use food containers, coated with barrier food grade coatings.

Each dryer system is an organic part of a complete production line.   It is capable of producing up to 150000 products a day (24h)

Demo/Testing System at Heat Technologies Inc. (HTI) has moved. And now we have a major upgrade!

Covid affected us all. The Customer Resource Center (CRC) of GA Power in Atlanta GA, where our commercial scale dryer ...

Reduction of Retained Solvents During Lamination and Drying Operations by Spectra HE Ultra System

Conventional dryer technology used for solvent-based coatings can have operations pitfalls such as fire hazards, and s ...

Acoustic Drying Without Heating Substrate

This thermal image video shows the ability of the Spectra HE™ acoustic system’s ability to dry a heavy water-based ...

Ultrasonic Acoustically Assisted Inline Drying

Acoustic waves are characterized by their frequency (cycles per second), wavelength (distance between cycles), and amplitude (height of the wave). Depending on the frequency of the waveform, sound waves can be classified as infrasonic, sonic, and ultrasonic, Sonic waves have frequencies between 20 and 20,000 Hz, whic ...

Converting Quarterly: Acoustic Drying of Paper, Films in Commercial Settings

Five years since publication of our technical paper, “How acoustically enhanced drying improves productivity, cuts energy consumption,” this article provides an update on the technology and how it is now being used in commercial settings. This firm’s patented acoustic drying system has helped converters, coater ...

PFFC Readers’ Choice Award for Spectra Ultra HE

Hot off the “digital” press, PFFC (Paper, Film, and Foil Converter) has recognized HTI’s Spectra Ultra heat & mass transfer technology as the Readers’ Choice top new product of 2013! Thanks to everyone who has taken an interest in our company. We look forward to pushing the bar higher in 2014.

Flexo Gravure Int’l magazine – Drying at the Speed of Sound

An article presenting HTI’s technology was recently published in a German publication – Flexo Gravure Int’l magazine –Drying at the Speed of Sound. This has been a year of growth for HTI. We have put forth significant efforts to reach out to customers using seminars, magazine articles, open house and trade sh ...

e-FlexoGlobal article on Spectra HE Ultra Drying Equipment

e-FlexoGlobal, a leading international publication for the converting industry, has recently published an article about HTI and its Spectra HE™ Ultra Drying Equipment. The article discusses the genesis for the technology and provides summary information for our installations. HTI’s technology and equipment o ...

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