Our Company

At HTI, our mission is to innovate and deliver acoustic and ultrasonic technologies that optimize the efficiency of heat and mass transfer, such as drying, heating, cooling and curing commercial and industrial production processes. We are passionate about delivering value-adding solutions for industry that are based on our patented technology.

Our success is measured by the benefits realized!

Our patented Spectra HE™ Ultra technology is a process that emphasizes “mass transfer” rather than “heat” in the removal of liquids (water or solvents) from the product by “charging the air” with ULTRASONIC oscillations in the convective air stream coming from the Spectra HE™ Ultra modules. This provides greater moisture-defusing energy being transferred to the material for evaporating liquids, or increasing heating or cooling rates, etc.

While heat is present in a variety of applications, it is always secondary.  The HTI process allows any thermal energy provided to be used very efficiently. 

Our acoustic and ultrasonic technologies work for films, sheets and non-woven webs, and 3-dimensional articles.  Other solutions can improve curing and mixing, and reduce emissions. The technology can be used to create high-efficiency heat exchangers such as water heating devices.

HTI has six US and four EU patents issued, and more are in progress. Currently, we are carefully expanding the range of applications for our Spectra HE™Ultra heat and mass transfer technology. We work with various segments of the packaging industry, pharmaceutical industry, consumer products, automotive industry, non-woven webs, paper manufacturing, food industry, and more. We welcome your inquiries. For more information, visit our Solutions Finder page.

Management Team

Gene Plavnik is the founder and president of Heat Technologies, Inc Mr. Plavnik has more than 25 years of experience in research, development and commercialization of various high efficiency, low emissions, energy technologies for a cross-section of industries: paper and film converting, printing, boilers and water heaters (HVAC), utilities, incineration, paper production, cement production, steelmaking, etc. Mr. Plavnik holds an MS in Heat and Mass Transfer Engineering.