Deploy Spectra HE™ Ultra technology
via ADD-ON

Support existing operations with an HTI ultrasonic acoustic drying module that fits within existing production line footprint.

In ADD-ON cases, we don’t really touch existing equipment: we add on our Spectra HE™ Ultra heat and mass transfer system to the existing line in the most beneficial location available. The add-on is based on our previously conducted tests and calculations that support the design. And, of course, customer opinions are taken into consideration. In the examples below you will some different applications which met the needs of the customer, and often provided a unique opportunity for greater operational efficiency.
Case 1 – Drying of Adhesives on Films and Paper
The addition of an HTI ultrasonic acoustic dryer (booster module) provided the customer with a significant increase in production rate, while maintaining quality standards of the products manufactured.

Spectra HE™ Ultra Add-On Dryer


  1. Increase throughput for a coating line that applied solvent-based, 40-45% solids adhesives (80-100 gsm wet coat weight).
  2. Operating as a booster system to enhance overall drying efficiency.

Truly an add-on: its own heater, air supply blower, exhaust fan. Control panel integrated with the main control system.

  • Compact HTI system fit in front of the tunnel dryer section.
  • No extra space required. No impact on existing line.
Improved production operational efficiency:
  • Increased Line Speed by 42% from 50 to 85 m/min speed
  • Energy Intensity (kWh/ m2) reduced by 22.5%
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Case 2 – Drying of Water-Based Inks

HTI designed and built a booster Spectra HE™ Ultra system, which was installed in front of the drying station of a rotogravure press.
Achieved a 50% production increase with 25% of added energy and was installed in only a 3% increase of available footprint. The energy intensity (kW/m2) of the production process was reduced by 18%.

Objective: Increase line speed of the press by at least 25%
70″(1.80 m) wide rotogravure press, water-based inks, 6 g/m2dry weight, 30% solids 100% coverage
Rotogravure press/Decor application (laminates, wallpaper)
Dryer Length
Power (installed)
Line Speed
Current System
50 ft 17 m
300 fpm (100m/min)
Acoustic System Add On
1.5 ft 0.45 m
115 kW
(150 m/min)
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